About the Layout:

I was boycotting Naruto for the longest time... The fandom, the more rabid of which pride themselves on being "Narutards," seriously turned me off of it. I finally broke down, though. Sadly enough, the last straw was finding out that Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kiss in episode three, I think. So I watched and watched... I've been downloading Aone's fansub. I started early last month and finished all one hundred and fourty-four episodes that Aone (and, at one time, ANBU) had out before the month was over. Yeah... I like it. Anyone ever calls me a "Narutard," however, will get decked.

My favourite characters are Gaara and Rock Lee. It's strange... they aren't really characters I would normally see myself liking, but I do anyway. Ah, well.

There's various updates with this new layout. Some aspects of the site have been removed. Several wallpapers were added, some of which replaced existing ones that I felt were lacking. I will be working on the page with the MSN icons pretty soon, but right now I just want to get this layout up and running. Also, I have several new pages planned for the Omake section that I will hopefully get up soon, including a possible anime review section for anime I have seen all or most of. (Don't quote me on this, I'm still just considering it...)

Be happy and healthy and enjoy Zen Pocky!

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"The secret to enjoying life is to not think about the advantages and disadvantages"
- Train, Black Cat